Your underwear may not be the first thing people see, but it does say a lot about you. Men’s underwear is often overlooked in what it means to the wearer and we tend to not think about how different styles represent the differing tastes of men all over the world.


Here, we share what your choice in underwear says about you:


  • Briefs – The famous ‘tighty-whities’, made famous by sports star and celebrities posing in men’s health, represent high levels of confidence in a man. Though we see them as the underwear we use to start our journey in life as young boys, the wearing of them as an adult connotes a driven and fashionable nature – as well as how you might see yourself as a bit of a sex symbol.


  • Boxer-briefs – The hybrid of the men’s underwear world has grown more and more popular in recent years, with everyone from teenagers to old men choosing to sport them. Again, a confident man wears this style, with an air of structure and the willing to let everything be on show – within reason.


  • Trunks – A similar fit to boxer-briefs, trunks separate themselves from the former by being shorter. This kind of underwear works well will a slimmer build, and the men who wear them are those that are confident in their own shape and want to emphasise it.


  • Boxers – The breathable, loose-fitting original still stays true for many over the years, with committed men braving the airy nature of this style today. Their impracticality – known for just getting bunched within trousers – connotes a laid-back nature, a man who enjoys the simple things in life and someone who isn’t following the latest fashion trends, because why would you?


  • Thong/jockstrap/bikini – You only need to take one look at a man wearing this style of underwear to understand this is the peak of confidence. Usually reserved for super-tanned, super-toned man who would prefer to be out of his clothes than in them, these types of undergarments indicate a man who knows exactly who he is and isn’t afraid to let the world know it.


  • Commando – The less popular and rather niche choice, the underwear that complete avoids actually wearing underwear is only for men who have little to no shame and like living life on the edge.